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Colera taking its toll again

Last reports indicate that the colera vibrion has appeared in some neighborhoods and also Mateare and Tipitapa, municipalities greatly affected by the Hurricane in Managua. So far there are 31 cases.

In Ciudad Darío, Matagalpa, 8 people have already been taken to the Health Center and the danger of this bacteria extending is real.

In the last few weeks the Ministry of Health has registered 150 cases of colera at national level. 71 were confirmed in labs.
Epidemic situation in the rest of the country is very bad. Respiratory diseases have affected 31,000 people in Estelí, Matagalpa, Chinandega and León and in these departments approximately 15,200 have had diarrehea, according to the Ministry of Health. Also there are over 20,430 cases of micosis, conjuntivitis and renal disease. among others.s

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