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A month after the volcano slide in Posoltega, army and Ministry of Health brigades continue to find rotten bodies which sanitarily speaking can be the seed for epidemics here. 784 dead have been buried and 1,115 burned.

Already there are 5 cases of "leptospirosis", many cases of diarrhea and respiratory diseases. Such is the epidiomiologic panorama found by the cuban doctors part of a medical brigade.

"We´ve come to the human and scientific part" said Alfredo Varen, an epidiomologist who has stated that they do not want to be involved in political statements because ever since arriving in Posoltega, journalists have insisted of political points of view from their part and have consistently asked about their food.

"We are here to work for the people who is undergoing extremely difficult situations" said the doctors. And indeed, they are not only attending the sick but are also involved in preventive work.

Dr. Varen said "the preventive health campaigns will contribute to reduce sickness possibilities. They are necessary and dogs, pigs and cows have had to be exterminated because they have come into contact with dead bodies".

Photo from La Prensa newspaper


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