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Nueva Segovia

The Emergency Committe has established millions of dollars in lost infrastructure which includes houses destroyed, damaged roads, bridges in bad shape and the water source that provides water for the city of Ocotal damaged as well. The number of victims are 27,758 some 11,789 are in 82 refugee centers established in Nueva Segovia that have a capacity just for 8,439 people. There are 11 comunities and 4 neighborhoods in Ocotal completely destroyed. Houses damaged are 1,137 and half-damaged are 996. Som 200 km. of roads are destroyed, 25 km. of roads wih asphalt are desotroyed, 39 fallen bridges. 61 people dead, 5 dissappeared and 4 hurt. However the numbers keep going up.


Damage to infrastructure and agricultural area is more than 5 million cordobas (aproximately half million dollar). There are over 53, 136 victims. In the urban area there are 35, l343. 1,509 houses were damaged by the rains. There is no electricity and 32 refugee centers have been established. Also there is no communication by road.


Sebaco bridge that links Managua to Matagalpa and consequently Jinotega.

It is living a very critical situation because the whole department has no electricity and no water. There are over 43 refugee centers with 4,227 people victim. The hurricane destroyed 7 km. of water pipes and the main bridge that links it to Managua is badly damaged and no vehicle can cross over. An alternate route has been set up by the army but it is very unreliable.

There are 16,615 victims, 16 dead, 19 have dissappeared, 700 houses completely destroyed and 550 half-destroyed. There is no electricity and no water in the department.



Heavy flood in the Tipitapa road.

Pictures from La Tribuna and La Prensa newspapers.

The coast of Xolotlan Lake has been declared disaster area. This seeks to prohibit people to settling in that area. All their houses were destroyed by the raising lake that flooded heavily. Aproximately 500 people were moved from that area called Las Tejeras, La Chureca and Manchester.They were moved to Ciudad Sandino.

Tipitapa which is a municipality of Managua, the capital city, was heavily flooded by the Lake, thus cutting access to the road that links Managua to the north and northeast part of Nicaragua (7 departments of the country).




Dead bodies like this are found everywhere in Posoltega

This old lady tries to save something from what was here house

Pictures from La Prensa and La Tribuna

People here continued to look for their family in the aftermath of the volcano slide that buried three communities. "El Porvenir", "Rolando Rodríguez" and "Versalle" are now cementeries with bodies all over in the open. There is all one little house standing indicating that once there was human life there. A little over 831 dead bodies have been picked up for burning. Manuel, a 12 years old, has been going back every single day to where his house was in the hope of finding his parents and his brothers and sisters. They all died. "I want to see them, that is why I look for them, but the mud does not allow me to get to where my house was" he says with tears in his eyes as he walks barefoot over pieces of trees so as not to go into the mud.

There are about 43,276 victims in this Department. In the northern part rain continues consequently floods could continue heavily. The municipalities that report victims are:: Chinandega: 3, 411; Corinto 490, El Realejo 1,800, El Viejo 5,433, Puerto Morazán 2,000, Chichigalpa 5,000 and Somotillo 7,400. Other municipalities badly affected are: Villanueva 13,017 victims; Santo Tomás del Nance, 419, Cinco Pinos 685; San Pedro, 2,680; San Francisco 141 and Posoltega. One priority here has been to open guarantee road access as soon as possible so that humanitarian aid can read this department. Another priority is to reestablish water and electricity services. According to reports, the municipalities which have been heavely damaged are the ones in the northern area which already were under poverty line. Medicines and medical personnel is urgently needed here.