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Fundación Movilización Social

(Social Mobilisation Foundation)

What we do

FMS is a non-profit organisation developing programs and proyects directed at children in survival strategies, youth, particularly teenagers and women.

Most of FMS work is developed in those provinces which surpasses national poverty rate (national average rate is 72%).

Direct attention to street working children, training workshops for youth, continuing education for teenager mothers, research, youth leadership promotion, worshops with teachers and police authorities, among others are some of the especific work that is developed by FMS.

Youth radio programs in Rivas, Estelí, Masaya, Chinandega and Managua are carried out by youth themselves on social mobilisation regarding issues that involve needs and dreams of youth in Nicaragua.

Seminars and workshops with council women (at municipal level) are developed in order to facilitate and provide basic tools for public administration and gender oriented work.

We invite you to visit the following WebPage regarding recent reseach results by FMS:

Donations for victims of the hurricane

Donations for victims of the hurricane Mitch will be distributed through local Emergency Committees in those municipalities where conditions are worst. Particular emphasis will be made for refugee centers where most of their population are children.


Donations can be wired to:

Fundación Movilización Social.

Banco Nicaragüense de Industria y Comercio (BANIC) Acct. # 24-0222-5. Managua, Nicaragua



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