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Thousands of victims of Hurricane Mitch are homeless today. Facing hunger, diseases and not foreseeing any future at all, they remain squattered in open air fields or close to where once was home.

Some have been "asked" to leave the refugee centers, others have left the centers in hope to find a new life project and others have gone to "temporarily" live with family members.

Food and medicines are been distributed one way or another. Medical brigades are attending the epidemics that have unleashed. But is not enough, the needs surpasses everybodies capacity. Some hurricane survivors will most probably die either out of hunger or disease.

Entire families or what was left of them can be seen living under a plastic shelter.
Children have nothing to do during the day and simply wander around trying to understand what has happened to their house and family.
The problem is that many were already under extreme poverty, malnutrition and misery and now the land is too soaked in water still to be able to saw seeds.
The only seed that can be planted in wet land is corn but they don´t have seeds.
But that is not the only problem. They also lost the animals that help them plant the seeds.
Some children are left alone by their parents when they go off to see how they can reconstruct their life.
Many organisations like Fundación Movilización Social are distributing 10 1/2 yards of black plastic but this does not solve the housing problem of these people.
Children drama is definetely the most heartbreaking. Organisations that work with children have set up cultural brigades for their mental health.
Workshops to volunteers on dealing with the crisis that mentaly affects survivors, particularly children are underway by civil society organisations.
This man lost most of his family. The only one left is the child he is holding. He sits there just telling who ever comes near about his tragedy.
All pictures in this section are from La Tribuna and El Nuevo Diario newspapers.
These children found a dead bird and expected that to be their meal.
Governmental housing projects, food and production programs are urgently needed to help these people that have no where to go and nothing to do.


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