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A map of disaster 



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As of Wednesday, November 4, ten days after the hurricane passed Nicaragua, the disaster is showing it´s real face, particularly in those remote areas where there was no communication and are now starting to be restored. The numbers are growing fast: 136,930 families afflicted, 229 hurt, 1,368 dead, 1,903 dissapeared, 21,460 peole rescued and 747,563 victims of the hurricane, 46% of those are children. After the mud flow of Las Casitas volcano in Posoltega, there have been other volcanos becoming more active in the disaster, for instance Cerro Negro in León and La Vigía in Wiwilí. Also the Coco River run down 685 houses in Quilali. Another thing that will contribute to the disaster are the 600 anti-personal mines that were unburied by the rain and are everywhere in Muy.Muy.

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