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Over 40% of the bean production is lost as a result of the effect of hurrican Mitch. Producers are saying that the lost in basic grain is between 40 and 90%.

Ginger plantation in Chinandega lost. La Tribuna and La Prensa photos.

Lost in coffee crops is severe: out of 1.4 million qq. almost 40 millions might already be lost. If roads are not repaired soon coffe could soon become ripe and it will be impossible to cut. Also lands humidity could unleashe common coffee killing germs. The Goverment has said that corn reserves could last up to five or six months and rice reserves maybe up to nine months. The most critical reserve is that of bean because the reservese there are only for two months.

Basic grains are the most affected product due to the rains of hurricaine Mitch. It is believed that 95 grains plantations were destroyed in Chinandega alone. Banana, peanuts, soya, ginger, rice, beans, corn, sugar corn, cattle and domestic animals are amongst the losses. The ginger plantains are completely lost.

The damage in the provinces of the Pacific zone is very heavy. Chinandega is amongst the worst provinces because it has lost most of the agricultural harvest and the lost in cattle is believed to be about 3,000 cattle heads.

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