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Health conditions after the hurricane


Next coming weeks there will probably unchain many diseases such a colera, malaria, diarrhea, respiratory and skin deseases in at least 6 regions of Nicaragua.
Additionally, the North and South Atlantic Coast will most probably suffer the same consequences. The destruction of pipes, the crowded refugees centers all over the country where thousands of victims are been housed will be a determining focus for this deseases. Twelve days of disaster in which people habe been exposed to heavly wet sorroundings, the lack of food and health conditions have become the breading ground fro diseases. Overcrowded, organic decomposition (garbage, dead animals, human beings, etc.), lack of drinking water, the depressive mood of people and the unappropriate disposition of human waste all join to be active risks that can become time bomb for increasing deases. The Ministry of Health only has medicines reserves for 15 days.

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