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The National Emergency Committe got dissolved on the 23rd of November, yet some places are still under emergency for they continue living in at least 2 1/2 feet of water.

Tipitapa, a municipality in Managua the capital city, the overflow from the Managua Lake runs trough the city.

And the people there can do no more than wait until the Lake lowers its water level. But some environmental organisations have stated this to be a time bomb due to the fact that nobody can really say when that level is to go down..

The government acted relatively fast in Tipitapa by constructing a bridge in a record time. However, that bridge was key to regaining communication with the northern part of the country which includes 7 provinces. The Government´s actions regarding the water flood has not been as fast.

Due to the flood, 8 refugee centers are still packed with victims that at some reached 2,000 people.

All barrios (neighborhoods) closed to the river are victims. And they were all in refugee centers but the problems there started when the Government decided the church was responsible for the donations and the refugee centers. There are many complaints regarding the disorderly distribution of food.

Enrique Padilla, responsible for one of the refugee centers, said that he had 315 victims of the hurricane and 180 of them were children and his problems started when the church said that they had already received too many donations.

There are indications that the church wants to close down three refugee centers although a speaker of the church said it was not true. If that were to happen, the people in those centers would have to squatter outside in open air field with no place to go and water up to their knees.

Taken from La Prensa newspaper

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